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The turn of the century has seen customers seek adequate product information before committing to buying goods or services. If general product information concerning goods of interest is lacking consumers will depend on referrals from friends and family or any other reputable organization to ensure they get the right information on goods and their providers. Informed by this quest for product information, consumer review magazine’s latest edition becomes hot cake pursued by most consumers. Information in this edition enables consumers to discover vendors, products, services, cutting edge technology and so on.

E-commerce providers have since discovered the relevancy of reviews in spearheading sales. There is timely customer reviews on such platforms that online shoppers rely on when buying goods or services. Reviews on e-commerce providers and products has popularized this mode of current trade as consumers are confident and encouraged to spend by fellow shoppers. Essay writing sector however, has carved a niche of itself through confidentiality and despite lack of adequate reviews as compared to other online players continues to bloom. That notwithstanding, users of essay writing companies often get disadvantaged by lack of regulation and reviews in this sector.

Students as consumers on essay company sites

College students have slim options when it comes to balancing their tight schedules with limited time, as a result they spend whooping amounts on essay writing sector so as to buy themselves time to participate in other activities beside academics. Consequently, by the virtue of being consumers they have a privilege to get information about essay writing sector. Unluckily, student users’ do not benefit from reviews on essay writing providers as compared to consumers of other online sectors like e-commerce providers like Amazon among others.

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Why we review essay writing companies

Due to lack of reviews on essay providers we have taken it upon ourselves to come up with a page on our website for reviews to help students identify best providers. Our reviews are geared towards educating students about various providers and how to avoid falling victim to unscrupulous essay companies. We also purpose to weed out rogue essay providers out of market by making it hard for them to operate for students benefit.

How it works

We encourage real past users of essay writing companies to share their experience of essay providers they have worked with. From their comments we are able to capture this data, verify it before fashioning out meaningful report. Together with our experts specialized findings we are able to come up with a ranking structure pitching best providers for students.